Success: Is Consistency the Key?

Success: Is Consistency the Key?

Consistency: To be consistent or acting in the same way over time, especially to be fair or accurate, and studies show a strong correlation between consistency and success.

In our business we provide services in IT, telecom and security, all three require consistency to be successful products otherwise our customers would go with other options, and we also provide 24/7, 365 support so we are consistent when any of our services have a lapse in theirs, so for us, consistency is the key for us to be successful, however, is consistency the key in other walks of life?

Another example of where consistency is hugely important is in what I do for CFM, which is running the social media pages, before I joined the company the posts online were few and far between due to the busyness of covering other aspects of the business, therefore the social pages lacked in consistency, however, now I am on board and can post 10 – 20 posts a day across multiple platforms, our reach has begun to increase now averaging 1000+ impressions per day which means just pure consistency is again helping the company this time in terms of our brand awareness.

So, who are the most successful people who benefitted from being consistent? As of writing this, the current Ballon d’Or holder, aka the footballer of the year award, is Luka Modric, who has been one of, if not the best midfield player for the past 10 years, unfortunately, occurring in an era of the dominance of two abnormal peers. Finally, this year he has been given the award and that is wholly through consistency and hard work which has at long last been noticed but the moral of this is that if you keep your head down and consistently work hard at what you do, you will be recognised for what you do because, even through the adversity of Messi and Ronaldo’s dominance, Luka Modric remained consistent and got his reward.

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“Consistent action creates consistent results” – Christine Kane


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