Shortcuts to Working Smarter.

Shortcuts to Working Smarter.

Since most people are currently working from home, we thought we’d collate some tech tips to help you #WorkSmarter while away from the office!

The first set of tips we’d like to share is to utilise the shortcuts on offer on your home computer. Here is a top 10 list of the shortcuts we think you will find most useful:

  • Ctrl + W – This closes the window you are currently on, instead of the whole program.
  • Ctrl + Shift + T – This reopens the last window you closed, easily undoing any accidental closed pages
  • Alt + D – This shortcut will take you to the address bar meaning you can search for a page without your hands leaving the keyboard
  • Ctrl + L – Whenever you move away from your PC use Ctrl + L to lock it just to be safe.
  • Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow – This will move your cursor one word to the left or right rather than just one character making it easier to get back to a misspelled word in a document.
  • Windows + M – Minimises all programs, to reopen them just add a shift key to the Windows + M command.               
  • Alt + Tab – Creates an easy way to scroll and select the tab/program you want to change to
  • F2 – Using F2 while having a file highlighted will allow you to rename the file.
  • Ctrl + C /Ctrl + V – One of the more widely known commands but very useful for copying and pasting
  • Ctrl + P – This easily takes you to the print page on a document.

Do you have any handy shortcuts you use every day? Please comment on this post and share them with others!


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