Dedicated Fibre Internet

Does your business have the best product available to you on the market? If not, why? Our services are brought together with dedicated Fibre Leased Lines meaning bandwidth contention is no longer an issue. If you haven’t experience Gigabit speeds before then we’re ready to WOW! you.

Unified Communications

Our Unified Communications tools allow you to do more than just phone your colleagues and customers. Instant messaging, video calling, real-time team feeds are all here to stay. Collaboration is the key and with that key we unlock valuable time.

Network Monitoring

Proactive monitoring is key to a successful network. At CFM you can be assured you bandwidth and network are monitored 24/7/365. This means we know something is wrong before you even realise it. Reactive maintenance just doesn’t cut it when dealing with business critical systems.


Multi-Site collaboration is a must in this day and age, especially when the concept of working from home is put to use. Our voice services mean your staff don’t have to have an interrupted day just because they’re working at a different site. It also means no long direct dial numbers between sites, just pick up the phone and contact the person you need either from your computer screen or a handset.


GDPR Compliance

Due to the security effectiveness of our cloud environments, your data is safe, secure and accountable where GDPR is concerned. The environments are designed to allow reporting and ease of access to personal data. Talk to us more about our GDPR compliant DaaS.

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