Does automation improve your life?

Does automation improve your life?

Automation is something that has been integrated into everything we do, and it has been for many years, in driving more and more cars are gearing towards being automatic as well as new cruise control technology being input in newer models of many cars, automation is even integrated into our texts to help us spell, it makes life much easier!

In my personal area of the business, I use automation almost constantly, using scheduling tools such as TweetDeck to automate what time a post goes live onto our social media, this means I can focus on creating content and looking for other things to share without having to worry about physically clicking the ‘post’ button at certain times of the day, it also allows me to make sure that we are still active for our audience on weekends without me having to even be online personally.

At CFM we have developed an automation system that we are currently fitting into multiple sites of EasyJet’s gym chain, EasyGym. The smart solution we have created automates the access control system that many gym chains and other leisure companies, like hotels, also use however most have staff that input the details into a system and generate the codes, our solution removes the human interaction with this process leading to cheaper costs for the business and a faster, smoother experience for customers.

If you want to know more about what we do, click the about section on our website or give us a call at the numbers on the contact page! Also, make sure to follow us on our socials @CFMHub and check out our upcoming event ‘Networking with Andy Burnham’ on eventbrite!


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