CFM become Brivo Certified Partners

CFM become Brivo Certified Partners

Brivo are worldwide leaders in Cloud technology and more specifically they are the best in the business for cloud access control and security with leading-edge products that can be easily installed and integrated with extremely innovative software created by companies such as ourselves.

Our Brivo Certified partner plaque

We became a Brivo partner a while ago when we discovered their products and learned how they could easily integrate with the software we have developed, however, recently we became a certified partner recently when our engineers went on a training course to get a deeper, more in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of their products and how to get the best use of them.

There are a range of benefits for us and our customers of CFM being a certified partner one of which is the fact we get access to the worlds leading access control technology, this means our customers will have the top of the range products such as magnetic lock doors, that synchronise with their keypads that can be linked with contactless cards. These products are extremely high tech in the fact they can be integrated with many different and unique software solutions, which is what we provide, and it really helps that the tech is able to be flexible for the different uses that our customers need it for.

Another benefit is that there is affordable pricing on these products for a range of budgets. This means no matter how large or small the order we can usually fulfill the client’s needs within their specific budget of what they are willing to spend. So, no matter how large or small we can always find the best solution to suit our potential and current customers.


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