Apple vs Android, Which is best?

This debate has been long going on and it time we at CFM voiced our small (yet divided) opinion, read on to see the pro’s and con’s of each and which is better for us.

Where does Apple win?

One area Apple trumps the android devices in is ease of use, nowadays every man and his dog has a smartphone or tablet from toddlers to the elderly and in the case of the very young or the very old there is a trend in the device they use and its almost always made by Apple and this is likely down to how simple the OS is to use, despite the attempts of Samsung, Huawei and Google alike to try and perfect and streamline their interface nothing has yet been good enough to compete with the accessibility of what an iPhone or iPad offers likely why so many people flood to their local Apple shop every time a new device is released.

Where does Android win?

Androids, often described as the dark side by Apple users, are actually often the better devices with users given the ability to increase performance themselves they are a techy’s dream and that leads to where they win, in performance, although the top-performing phone on the market is currently the iPhone XS because of Android giving the users this ability to tweak settings, software and in some cases even hardware to increase performance they do come out on top for this as well as the wider range of manufacturers and devices that come under the android OS banner.

Which is better for us at CFM?

The team at CFM aren’t all on the same side on this debate but there is a clear winner with 2/3 of the companies staff using an Android device with the other third on Apple phones and for what we use them for we believe the android devices are much better suited to our needs this is because as a tech company we need access to the most powerful technology to assist us in our daily tasks and as before mentioned Androids are a techy’s dream and being able to work on the go on our phones is hugely important to us therefore having the software to do so is also a need which just isn’t met by Apple’s products and therefore Android is better in our opinion!

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