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sECURITY as a service (SaaS)

Our cloud managed access control services allow multi-site access control to be managed by non-technical staff. Our solution is currently in place across 24 hour Gyms, Hotels and Offices. Have you ever thought about how much fraud is committed through door access? Here we can ensure footage of each transaction is set aside for review should it be needed. Our centrally managed wholly cloud based WiFi solutions are ideal for large physical areas. Our solution allows you to manage, monitor and administer your wireless network all through a single online web portal. Tie this in with certain methods of access such as Facebook, voucher, Twitter etc and extend your PR reach. The solution is fully GDPR compliant and allows you to manage your data specifically to your needs.

Hosted deSKTOP AND SUPPORT Services (DaaS)

Private Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is the method of logging into your IT environment solely through cloud services. We provide Citrix Hosted Desktop solutions embedded on the latest Microsoft core platforms. You can be ensured that your software is 100% up to date. Utilising core collaborative tools ensures your staff members are all singing from the same hymn sheet. No more emailing documents. No more overwriting important information. Our tools ensure your staff efficiency is increased while saving valuable amounts of time. All data stored in our environment is fully encrypted ensuring secure access for each user in any scenario. Encryption secures data both at rest and in transit. Our product guarantees your data is stored with 256-bit AES encryption and each file has a unique encryption key.

Video Management CCTV & aCCESS cONTROL (SaaS)

Our direct to cloud video management solution means you now have access to your footage at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. Gone are messy NVR/DVR units clogging up cupboards and valuable rack space. Direct and secure using 256-bit AES encryption from camera through to storage ensuring your compliance with local and international laws. We all want access to our information immediately. With the CFM solution, we’re now able to do this across CCTV, Access Control and internal network monitoring. View analytics, access records, data usage or even limit access through the click of a mouse.


Does your business have the best product available to you on the market? If not, why? Our services are brought together with dedicated Fibre Leased Lines meaning bandwidth contention is no longer an issue. If you haven’t experience Gigabit speeds before then we’re ready to WOW! you. Proactive monitoring is key to a successful network. At CFM you can be assured you bandwidth and network are monitored 24/7/365. This means we know something is wrong before you even realise it. Reactive maintenance just doesn’t cut it when dealing with business critical systems.

Unified Communications (NAAS)

Our Unified Communications tools allow you to do more than just phone your colleagues and customers. Instant messaging, video calling, real-time team feeds are all here to stay. Collaboration is the key and with that key we unlock valuable time. Multi-Site collaboration is a must in this day and age, especially when the concept of working from home is put to use. Our voice services mean your staff don’t have to have an interrupted day just because they’re working at a different site. It also means no long direct dial numbers between sites, just pick up the phone and contact the person you need either from your computer screen or a handset.

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Trace Blackwell
General Manager at Valley Hotel

“CFM software is much more of a tool rather than just a security system. We use our Video Management System for the day-to-day operation of our business. The sub-user management system has proven to be very valuable. We’ve set up different layouts for different employees. For example, our bar managers can see the bar and monitor the stock, the staff, and the customers.”

Richard Bell
Owner at HHB Solicitors

Law firm Haworth Holt Bell (HHB) approached CFM having suffered issues with the reliability of their hosting service. HHB were not receiving the level of service it expected from its previous supplier. When the contract for renewing its Desktop-as-a-Service solution was due for renewal, HHB saw the opportunity to look at alternative providers.



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